B & D Upholstery
Custom quality collection inside and out
1.Frames are constructed of kiln-dried hardwood to prevent warping and
  are contoured to conform to the outer shape of springs.
2.Joints are corner blocked for added strength.
3.Legs are part of the frame for further stability (centre leg at front rail).
4.Outer edges of the frame are sanded and padded for a smooth fabric fit.
5.All major joints are screwed and glued for a durable reinforcement.
6.Firm upright back supports are glued and screwed for durability.
7.Interwoven jute webbing provides a strong yet resilient base for the coil
   spring to be anchored to.
8.Coil springs are individually hand tied 8 ways (or the finest in silling
   comfort and durability.
9.Polyester insulating pad over the coil springs for extra comfort.
10.Sinuous wire back springs for proper back support.
11.Spring helicals to act as a resilient reinforcement to the back springs.
12.High density foam edge to cushion front rail.
13.Flame retardent fell for soft insulation and safely.
14.Covered decks to match the overall tailoring of the style.
15.High density polyurethane foam cushioning is made to precise specifications
    to provide lasting comfort and support.
16.Dacron filled back cushions (in a divided case) for super soft luxury back
17.Skirts are inner lined for a straight even hang to compliment the overall
    tailoring of the style.
18.Outside arms are padded for added protection and to help reduce fabric wear.
19.polyester insulating pad (or further cushioning.
20.Skilled custom tailoring includes meticulously matched patterns.
Note: All of these features may not be present in every style exactly as depicted because of design differences.